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Healing by Design - Prostate & Colon Cancer

Men are dying prematurely from various health issues. Prostate is the #1 cancer affecting men and colon cancer is #3. Why? This was not Gods design or intention. Please share this with ALL men! Men are being cut short by not caring about nutrition or their body and it is impacting families and future generations.

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Herbal Remedies Class 9 - Women's Health

Vaughn fills in for Mike and discusses herbs for women's health. The main focus on this teaching is mainly pregnancy and fertility, but there is also discussions related to cysts, breast cancer and menstrual cycles. We also discuss why most women has miscarriages and how to prevent them.

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Partnering With God - Class 9, Cancer

A heartbreaking subject because of the suffering and loss of human life. This video reveals the lies and deception of the medical industry, how cancer and disease has become a business and the truth that God has been removed from our medical system. God can and DOES heal cancer, all the time.

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