Top 10 Women's Supplements

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Over-the-counter medications contain chemicals, synthetics, and fillers that cover up symptoms, harming the body further. To treat health issues, we rely on natural supplements to give the body what it needs to become balanced and healthy again. From hormone imbalances and irregular periods to menopausal symptoms, our list of top 10 supplements for women will help you on your journey to better health.

Endocrine Balance powder (Spirit of Health)

Made from organic and wildcrafted herbs, Endocrine Balance is amazing for hormone support. It’s affordable and works to balance your endocrine system which regulates your metabolism, sleep, reproduction, and so much more.

Thyroid Thrive (Ridgecrest)

This supplement has been a favorite for years. Packed with herbs, vitamins, and minerals, it naturally supports the thyroid and glands to improve your mood, metabolism, and hormone levels. Three capsules a day is all you need to start feeling better.

Neprinol (Arthur Andrew Medical)

One of our favorite products from Arthur Andrew Medical is Neprinol and here's why...

1. It cleans the blood and removes arterial blockages.

2. It has the power to lower blood pressure.

3. It cleans up scar tissue and destroys viruses and bacteria.

If you're looking for an effective all-in-one heart supplement that actually works, then Neprinol is our top recommendation.

Lymph Cleanse (Spirit of Health)

To keep the lymph healthy, we use our Lymphatic Cleanse package. The lymphatic system is like the sewer system of the body. The lymph system works to filter out harmful toxins in the body and it helps to clean the blood. When it's congested and not eliminating waste properly, health concerns arise. Many of these health conditions affect women’s health and hormones such as breast and ovarian cysts and tumors. Depending on your level of toxicity you can choose from our basic to our full cleanse package.

Maca Pause (NHI)

These supplements have amazing reviews with the highest success rate in reducing menopausal symptoms for a natural product. A few capsules a day offers natural support for postmenopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and more. (Don't forget that you must create an account to view and buy any of our professional line products including NHI products). Create an account >

UT Vibrance (Vibrant Health)

Packed with D-Mannose and botanicals, UT Vibrance is the best product for bladder and urinary tract infections. D-Mannose at 8 to 20 grams per day cleans out E. Coli bacteria, while botanicals support the urinary tract for optimal health.

Blood Builder (Megafood)

For a much-needed boost, we use Blood Builder. Many women are anemic and struggle with fatigue and weakness. To combat this, take one capsule daily for an energy boost. Many women also enjoy taking this during pregnancy, and it's our top recommendation if you are looking to substitute the Garden of Life's Healthy Blood product (see why we don't buy from Garden of Life anymore).

Fem-Mate (Sensible Health)

This liquid herbal blend takes a Chinese Medicine approach to balancing hormones because it cleanses the liver. The liver is a crucial organ for women’s health because it plays a vital role in filtering out hormones in the body. Try it in tincture form to flush out toxins and balance hormones.

Fibrovera (Arthur Andrew Medical)

This supplement is ideal for ladies who struggle with cysts, fibroids, or imbalanced hormones. Packed with botanicals and enzymes, it cleans up irregular tissues while balancing hormones. For best results, take one to two capsules between meals every day.

Proferia (Arthur Andrew Medical)

This topical cream absorbs through the skin to naturally increase progesterone levels in women. Progesterone deficiency is the number one reason for miscarriage and leads to hormonal imbalances. The reason we love this product is that it's completely natural unlike many of the synthetic competitors.


If your hormones are out of balance, PMS symptoms can feel unbearable. We suggest grabbing a CBD Oil product like Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum to make these symptoms more manageable. With 600mg active cannabinoids per bottle, it works to relieve stress, anxiety and it promotes sleep. CBD is also a great alternative to pain medicines when trying to ease discomfort from cramps, or anti-anxiety medication to combat everyday stress. (Don't forget that you must create an account to view and buy any of our professional line products including CBD and hemp products). Create an account >