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Healing by Design - Kidney Disease & Kidney Stones

Kidneys are crucial for detox because all fluid waste leaves the body through the kidneys. Eliminating this waste is crucial to having healthy blood and lymphatic fluid. In this class, we discuss how to heal and cleanse the kidneys naturally with nutrition, baking soda, magnesium, and other simple therapies that actually work.

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Your Face Has Meaning!

Every part of your face is connected to another organ or part of your body.  So simply stated, your face can quickly tell you what you need to work on inside your body. And as you heal that part of your body, the area on your skin will clear up.

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Healing by Design - Bladder Infections, UTI and IC (Cystitis)

Bladder issues, including Cystitis, are all a result of acidosis of the tissues, kidney tubes, bladder and kidneys themselves. Going after bacteria doesn't solve the problem. Restoring health and alkalinity to the body is the long-term solution. Learn why antibiotics are not the answer, but God's way of nutrition, herbs and clean water works the best.

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