Kidney Filtration - Life or Death


The kidneys are one of the most important organs for health and have been mostly overlooked by our medical community.  There are only two main systems that eliminate waste from the human body.  We have the colon that dumps solid waste from the process of digestion and then we have fluid wastes that leave through the kidneys.  When the colon and/or kidneys get blocked up or congested, you can start naming the thousands of known diseases that plague mankind.  Whether your "diagnosis" (a made-up name by the medical community based on symptoms) is multiple sclerosis, parkinson's, cancer, diabetes, arthritis or colitis, these are all a result of backed up and congested elimination organs.

The skin is nicknamed the "third kidney."  The body uses the skin as an exit pathway when everything else is blocked.  So skin problems are kidney problems, which is a congestion problem.  Your skin is a great outward reflection of the health of your internal body.

God is a smart designer.  He is also a chemist.  He designed our bodies to stay alkaline.  We do this by eating fruits, vegetables, greens and drinking plenty of clean, fresh water while maintaining an active lifestyle.  Sickness and disease comes from the opposite condition, acidosis.  This is the result of our western lifestyles of meat, dairy, bread, grains, coffee, sweets, soda, candy and other junk foods, in addition to a mostly sedentary lifestyle.  If we are sick, we need to realize that our body has become out of alignment with God's natural design for us and the earth we live on.  We have left the Garden of Eden God gave to us and instead chosen the man-made world.

When the kidneys stop filtering, acid wastes back up in the body.  This is like your sink getting clogged, but you never fix it.  Acids destroy tissues, bones, joints, ligaments and organs and the result is INFLAMMATION AND PAIN, which consumes the life of millions of people.


Do Not Ignore Basic Symptoms That Tell You There May Be A Concern Such As:

  • Mid to lower back pain

  • Urinary tract infections (UTI's)

  • Bladder infections

  • Kidney stones

  • Dark circles under the eyes

  • Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

  • Burning urination

  • Frequent urination or urinating at night

  • Swelling of the fingers, hands, legs, ankles or feet

  • Joint pain, including all knee and hip pain

  • Weak wrists and ankles


How Do You Know if the Kidneys are Filtering?

There should be sediment, or cloudy particles in your urine.  It might even be stinky.  This is a GOOD sign that the kidneys are filtering waste.  If your urine is always clear, this is a BAD sign that the body is not eliminating properly.  Do a kidney cleanse to open up the kidneys, it could save your life!

Do not underestimate the kidneys.  Do not forget them.  They are part of the rivers of life that makes up the human body.  Healthy blood and healthy lymph are crucial for life, and this is not possible without healthy kidneys!


A good place to start when healing your kidneys is doing a kidney cleanse. We developed a 21-Day Kidney Cleanse program that anyone can join for free. Sign-up and get our free downloadable guide, access to our private Facebook group, recipes, tips, and more.

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