Kidneys & Your Eye Color

Blue-eye-with-genetic-predisposition-to- kidney-issues.jpg

Are your eyes blue?  How about green or hazel?  How about steel gray?  These are all technically blue eyes, but often showing signs of acidity and inflammation.

Any variation of blue, green, hazel or gray eyes have a genetic predisposition to have kidney issues.  This is well understood for those practicing Iridology (the reading of the iris to determine health and genetic history of an individual).  This color eye also has a tendency for lymphatic system congestion as well.

Often, this eye type will grow up with allergies, asthma, ear infections, skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.), mucus, snotty, runny-nose, getting tonsils removed or getting sick often.  This is happening in our children today, but can happen to anyone with blue eyes at some point in their life.  This is why so many people are getting away from dairy, grains, sugars and other heavy foods that congest the body.  If the kidneys and lymph are blocked, the body cannot handle these foods!

If you have blue eyes, or any variation thereof, I strongly encourage you to be proactive.  Get your Iridology report from a certified practitioner.  This information can save lives, and for children, can save them from so much of the pain and suffering afflicting our society today.


Here is a 5-Step Action Plan for Anyone with Blue Eyes: 


1.  Exercise every day!  

For the lymph to move and toxins to leave the body, we must move and stay active.


2.  Avoid dairy, sugar and grains.  

This is hard for most people, and unfortunately why so many people stay sick and don't get well.  It is also why so many children are sick today, because parents are giving these foods to blue-eyed children that have congestion issues.  Fruit should be your only sugar!


3.  Get hydrated.  

Water is the river of life, and it is what helps with blood, lymph and kidneys flow properly.  Avoid the soda, coffee and other acidic beverages that are hard on the kidneys.


4.  Dry skin brushing.  

This stimulates the nerves, blood vessels and lymph just below the skin and promotes circulation.


5.  Work on the kidneys and lymph!  

This is crucial.  It is helpful to anyone with blue eyes, and LIFE SAVING for those with chronic sickness and disease.  Get to understand these organ systems for long-term health.

Your eye color can tell us a lot about your health.  When we see white covering the eye, it is a sign of lymph congestion, acidity and inflammation.  When the eyes appear green, hazel or steel grey, they can become blue again!  But it takes work.  It is worth it.  Life is worth it.  God is worth it.  Your family is worth it.  We want people to experience life to their fullest, and having healthy kidneys and lymph is a great place to start!

"The eye is the lamp of the body.  if your eye is good, the whole body will be full of light."  - Matthew 6:22


A good place to start when healing your kidneys is doing a kidney cleanse. We developed a 21-Day Kidney Cleanse program that anyone can join for free. Sign-up and get our free downloadable guide, access to our private Facebook group, recipes, tips, and more.

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