Why Should I Avoid Dairy?


The Bible talks often of a “land flowing with milk and honey.” This is a reference to abundance, not necessarily milk specifically, but it is clear milk was designed by God to be a food for people, and there are Bible references stating such. Certainly, milk and related products such as cheese, yogurt, kefir, cream and butter have been staple foods throughout history for many cultures. Dairy, unfortunately, has been drastically altered from God’s original design, perhaps worse than any other food.

What are cows and goats supposed to eat? In what natural environment are they most comfortable and healthy?

Because of the high demand of dairy related products, and the interest of big businesses to create more products for more profit, the original design is rarely seen in nature any longer.


The life of a dairy cow.

  • An animal can only give milk after giving birth to its offspring.

  • After birth, calves are taken from the mother within the first two days.

  • After giving birth, the cow is immediately artificially inseminated so the milk production never stops.

  • Male calves are worthless to the dairy industry and usually shot and killed, or sent to veal farms where they are raised in a pen with hundreds of other calves and killed while still a baby, usually never seeing the outdoors.

  • Dairy cows are shot with growth hormones, enabling them to produce as much as 7,000 liters of milk per year, 10X the normal amount needed for her baby calf.Because of such heavy production, many cows get mastitis, with painful pus and swelling. Antibiotics are administered into the udders, with minimal chance of controlling the infection.

  • Because of the oversized udders, many cows have foot and leg disorders, often unable to stand.

  • Most dairy cows live 4-7 years (normal life expectancy is 21 years) and they often die pregnant.

  • In general, cows are fed grains and GMO corn to fatten them up quickly which damages their intestines, leading to sick, unhealthy cows that require antibiotics to sustain their short lived life.

This is what we are supporting if we buy grocery store dairy products and eat fast food.

Not only is the large factory farm dairy industry cruelty to animals, it is also an excuse to create a dirty, unhealthy end product that is full of infection and pus. You do not eliminate the diseased nature of this non-food simply by pasteurizing it. This is one reason there is such a huge intolerance to dairy products today.


Milk allergies.

Milk allergies are very common. It is one of the most problematic foods given to small children. We must first understand that the design of cow’s milk or goat’s milk is designed for the young of that animal. For this reason, cow’s milk is often very hard for human children to digest. In addition, poor animal conditions, pasteurization and homogenization make it nearly impossible for a small child to digest processed milk. Processed cow’s milk fed to infants is strongly linked to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), colic, eczema, allergies and Type I juvenile diabetes.

Dairy contains lactose (sugar) and casein (protein) that are often difficult for many people to digest. In the pasteurized form, dairy is without its natural enzymes to help break down these sugar and protein molecules.  In a person with a damaged gut lining or congested liver, these undigested molecules cross into the bloodstream creating problems.

However, if consumed raw, the milk is much more tolerable and easily digested. When raw, the living enzymes and nutrition remain intact. The raw milk contains lactase enzymes which break down the lactose. Many individuals who are lactose intolerant are often fine with raw milk products. If you are going to give your child animal milk, I strongly encourage it to only be raw, and ideally goat’s milk. Goat’s milk is much more similarly structured to human breast milk than cow’s milk. One of the best products you can give to a child to build and strengthen their immune system is colostrum.

*NOTE:  In general, we do not recommend or encourage dairy, even raw dairy, in any form.  The reason is because our society today is unhealthy, congested and sedentary, making dairy hard to digest leading to further congestion and sickness.  Raw milk should only be attempted by healthy people with no known health issues whatsoever.  If you have a child with any issues related to sickness, ear infections, eczema and so many issues affecting children today, dairy should be 100% eliminated at every level!  

Colostrum is the “first-milking” of the animal which builds the immune system for the newborn.  The immune system components in colostrum are very similar to that of humans, making colostrum a powerful supplement for both children, and even adults, for building the immune system.



When milk is fermented, a large amount of the proteins get pre-digested (casein) and the sugar (lactose) gets broken down. The fermentation process can make it much easier to digest. For some however, even fermented dairy is problematic and congesting.

Commercial fermentation should always be avoided. They are usually not fermented long enough. They are also often pasteurized AFTER fermentation which kills any probiotics, destroys the enzymes and changes the structure of the protein, fats and other nutrients in the food.


What dairy should we avoid?

  • Anything homogenized and/or pasteurized.

  • Watch cheese consumption. Cheese is hidden in a lot of products - American cheese is not real!

  • Cheese substitutes are often full of chemicals and soy.

  • Raw dairy if concerned with any health issues at all with any member of your family.


What are better options?

  • Butter and ghee: Butter has lower lactose levels. It is high in Vitamin A and D. Ghee is ideal and has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Ghee is clarified butter, with the trace milk proteins removed.

  • Milk alternatives include coconut, rice, almond, hemp, chia, and hazelnut. Not soy! Milk alternatives can also be made at home in little time, which helps to avoid added ingredients in alternative milks found in boxes at grocery stores.


The calcium myth.

The highest rates of osteoporosis in the world all come from the states with the highest dairy consumption. Milk does not “do your body good”. The American Dairy Association has done a great job with marketing this myth over the last few decades.

Processed dairy is very acid forming and pulls alkaline minerals from your bones to balance the acidity, calcium being the most alkaline and available. Calcium from processed milk is not bio-available to the human body. Dairy is very mucus forming because the body is producing the mucus in an attempt to remove something it doesn’t want. Where do all animals get their calcium? GREENS and SUNSHINE are key to healthy bones, far beyond consuming dairy. So drink up to healthy bones by making yourself a delicious green smoothie.