5 Ways to Alkalize your Body

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Cleansing is key to good health, and the first step to cleansing is to alkalize the body. Below I'll outline 6 ways to alkalize your body while removing the acidity.


1. Start by eating an alkalizing & cleansing type of diet

If you haven't done it already, it is encouraged to completely eliminate all dairy, grains and meat from your day-to-day diet. The body cannot cleanse properly and adequately when trying to process these heavier, more acidic foods. If you want to prepare your body for deeper levels of cleansing, it is critical that you reduce or eliminate these food categories. To keep it simple, an alkaline diet means eating mainly fruits and veggies, and lots of green foods (ideally 80% of diet or more). Don't feel like you can live on fruits, veggies and greens? That's ok; olives, avocados, a few almonds, or some plant based protein foods or powders like hemp, pea and spirulina can help you along the day.


2. Drink alkaline water & maybe add a lemon. 

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is extremely important for alkalizing your body. Not just any water will do, you need water filled with minerals. Tap water is actually mildly acidic in most areas with a low pH and traces of pesticides, heavy metals and fluoride. We recommend getting a water purifier in your home to use everyday. I love the Vollara Living Water Purifier, it works great, it's not too bulky, it's simple to use, and it looks great in your kitchen. We know that this is not an affordable option for some people, but we highly recommend that you add it to your wish-list and save until you can get one, it's a great investment for your health.


3. Eat cayenne pepper daily! 

Cayenne isn't just a great spice to add flavor and heat to a meal, Cayenne also has powerful healing properties that have been used for centuries for cleansing, detoxification, to stimulate circulation, and help neutralize acidity. I recommend taking cayenne pepper everyday either in water or food.


4. Baking soda & water

Baking soda is one of the best alkalizing substances that naturally keeps pH levels in check. If you have problems with your kidneys, or regular UTIs, there is nothing better than taking baking soda everyday. To do this, mix 1/2 teaspoon in water right when you wake up and before you go to bed at night and drink on an empty stomach.  Many of my clients that have had kidney trouble, low energy levels and poor digestion, have found baking soda to be a miracle worker.


5. Add electrolyte minerals to your water

Electrolyte minerals are the last thing on the list to help alkalize your body, and they are also great for more energy, better hydration, and reduced muscle cramps. There are two simple ways to get electrolytes.

a. Endure by Trace Minerals Research. Endure contains Magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, and sulfate. Add Endure to water or any beverage, shake well and enjoy.

b. SOLE water method. Sole can supply the body with the combined energy of 84 essential ionized minerals. To use, soak Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones in water overnight. In the morning, add 1 teaspoon of the SOLE water to filtered water and drink on an empty stomach. For some, the taste can be difficult to get use to, so I recommend adding a little lemon juice to make the salty taste more mild.