Earthing: A Lost Art of Healing


Earthing is a fairly new concept in the health arena.  More and more people are learning about the benefits of "earthing" or also known as "grounding."  So what is it?  Does it really matter?  And as a Christian is it weird or even “new-ageism”?  You always get my best attempt at a Biblical understanding, so here it goes...

We were designed to be connected to God.  We were created from the dust of the earth (Genesis 2:7).  I think most everyone enjoys being outside to some extent in the fresh air, ocean, mountains, forest, grassy plains or the beauty of the desert, depending on where you might live.

But what if I told you that we have mostly separated ourselves from God's natural creation?  They are actually calling this concept of earthing as the "greatest health discovery ever."  Wow!  Now that is a bold statement.  My Christian viewpoint tells me this.  

We are separated from God and His creation, and re-connecting to God through creation is LOADED with health benefits! 


What are the health benefits of connecting to the earth?  

  • Better sleep

  • Less stress and anxiety (more calm and relaxed)

  • Pain conditions improve or go away

  • Cortisol levels are normalized (heals the adrenals and reduces stress)

  • Faster recovery from injuries

  • Sets your body clock (circadian rhythm)

  • Balances hormones

  • Offsets negative EMF frequencies from cell phones and laptop computers


Why did this take a "health discovery?"  

Why did someone need to invent these sheets, pillowcases, mats and other ways to connect to the earth inside the home?  It is because our modern lifestyle has replaced God with synthetics.

Our modern lifestyle has taken us away from the earth.

For thousands of years, people walked barefoot.  Those who wore shoes made them from leather and natural materials that conduct the earth's energy.  Plastics do not.  Petro-chemicals made from coal tar do not conduct the earth's energy.  This is the beginning of our disconnect; rubber everything such as tires, shoes and building materials.

This is why getting outside feels so good.  This is why barefoot on the earth just makes sense.  This is why swimming in the ocean is so life-giving.  This is how God designed us and intended us to live; connected to Him and creation.  Let me give you a few examples of how cool this can be.


Stressed or anxious?

 Go outside barefoot and put your feet in the soil, feel the sun on your face, a slight breeze, the sound of a pleasant stream nearby and a songbird just in the distance.  Are you still stressed out?  Think of how our lives are with phones, traffic, computers, deadlines, coffee, sugar, appointments, and meetings.  It's no wonder we are so stressed out!


Jet lag?  

When you arrive at your destination, take off your shoes and socks.  Go stand barefoot on the earth anywhere.  It resets your circadian rhythm.  No jet lag.  YOU connecting to the EARTH tells your body where you are!  Really?  Try it!  



I have challenged many people who struggle with sleep problems to set up a tent in their backyard and sleep outside for a week.  And a few have been crazy enough to try it!  Or go camping, go stay in a cabin or anywhere outdoors.  How do you sleep?  I often hear, "I slept great when I was outside!"  Why?  God and nature are a part of who you are.  When your body watches the sunset, you actually produce melatonin so that you fall asleep properly.  That doesn't work with cell phones, television, lights, and laptops.  In fact, they work against it.


Athletes and exercise?  

It cuts muscle recovery big time.  In fact, it works so amazingly that Tour de France riders (yes, these guys who bike miles and miles every day) will carry them around and use them in their hotel room at night.  They notice it speeds recovery and reduces muscle fatigue and soreness.



People who sleep better and deeper have more energy.  People who sit behind a desk all day staring at a computer will not feel completely drained if they have an earthing mat under their computer. My wrists are grounded as I type this! :)  It offsets all those negative Electro-Magnetic-Frequencies from cell phones, laptops, and other electronics.

The earth protects us!  Our body is conductive.  Your heart is electrical, but did you know that your intestinal tract and respiratory systems are also conductive to the earth's energy.  Due to advances in science technology, we now understand that the body experiences healing when it is flooded with negative ions.  Negative ions are all around us in nature.  You experience them as you feel the spray of waves crashing on a beach, a waterfall or that fresh smell after a storm passes through.  But the number one source of these healing negative ions is right under our feet; our earth.  In other words, GOD loved you so much that he surrounded you with healing energy!  Unfortunately, we have separated ourselves from this powerful energy and are mostly insulated through our lifestyle of plastics and synthetics.

How does it work?

The earthing products are cotton with silver fibers woven into them.  Silver is a conductor.  Today, our electrical outlets have 3 prongs.  The top two are electricity and the third round hole below is the GROUND!  Plug the earthing wire into the ground wire hole and the other end snaps into the sheet, mat or pillow.  Voila!  You have energy flow.  Now to be a conductor, you must have BARE SKIN touching the earthing device.  Let the healing begin.

I will end with a funny story.  I have many testimonials as we have sold hundreds of these earthing devices, but let me give you just one.  I had a beautiful client who had a cat named "Chinny."  Now Chinny was about 15 and had stopped grooming himself and purring.  Now if you know cats, this isn't a good sign at all.  She bought an earthing sheet and after a couple weeks a dramatic change happened.

She could not get the cat off the earthing sheet!  Every chance the cat got, he would lay on that sheet all day long.  And you guessed it!  Chinny started purring and grooming himself again.  Animals love to be connected to the earth and to lay in the sun.  Do we?!?!

Go get grounded!  Get barefoot or get outside.  And if needed, get some earthing devices.  They can make a huge difference in your health and life.  I recommend the earthing bed sheet because being grounded for 8 hours every night is the best way to do it.  You cannot over-do it!  Can you over-do being connected to God or being on the earth?

One of the desires of my heart is that we would connect to God through nature and know the power of His creation.  Finding ways to do that in our modern lifestyle is challenging, but I believe it is possible. Have a great summer enjoying the grass, dirt, mud or sand between your toes!  And if you just aren't quite there yet, there are plenty of options for earthing devices to help you.  Better yet, do both!