Our Natural Baby Nursery


There is a lot to think about when it comes to having a baby, especially if you are trying to keep things healthy and natural. It's taken lots of research, trial-and-error, and three children later to find some of our favorite natural products and brands we keep in our Diaper Bag and Nursery. Here are our favorites:


1. Lots of Swaddles

Made from natural and breathable materials like cotton or bamboo (viscose). Aden & Anais is our favorite brand.


2. Natural Laundry Soap

We use this for all of our laundries, but it's particularly important to use natural and chemical-free detergents when washing a newborn's clothing and linens before they use them.  Works well for cloth diapers too.


3. Newborn Clothing

Ideally, we buy organic cotton, but we know it isn't always doable, so if we can't get organic, we buy 100% cotton. One brand we've liked and have found at consignment shops is Hannah Anderson.


4. Wish Garden Cord Care Powder

This powder quickly dries & disinfects the newborn's cord.


5. Healing Comfrey Salve by Herbally Grounded

Use this salve to help the baby heal at the umbilical cord area after it falls off.


6. Alaffia Lavender Baby Wash & Organic Coconut Oil

We avoid washing the baby too much to let their natural vernix layer slowly come off for longer protection. We usually wait a few days before their first bath and then only bathe them as needed. We use Alaffia Lavender Baby Soap for bath time and then rub organic coconut oil on their skin afterward.


7. Disposable Diapers

We get it...life is busy, and sometimes a disposable diaper will keep you sane.  Our favorite disposable diaper brand is 7th Generation. A lot of people like Honest Company but they're a bit more expensive, and we've found the fit isn't always as good.


8. Cloth Diapers

After we start to find our rhythm we switch from disposable diapers to organic cotton/bamboo pre-fold cloth diapers when we are at home and only use disposables when we're on the go. Below are our favorite brands:

From 1 month to about 6-8 months we use Grovia Organic Pre-Folds and cover them using either Blueberry Waterproof Coveralls or to stay completely natural we also use Lovey Bums Wool Covers. The wool covers are my favorite because they are breathable but amazingly waterproof and antimicrobial, although they are just a bit more expensive.

Once they get more mobile, about eight months or so, I switch to the "all in one diaper" (the cloth and cover are together). Blueberry Diapers are our favorite, and they use 100% organic cotton.


9. Baby Wipes

Several years ago my friend shared this natural wipe juice recipe with me, and I've used it ever since. I keep the mixture in a jar next to our changing table, and I dip my organic cotton cloth wipes into the liquid when needed. Sometimes I'll take it on the go, but many times I'll just keep an organic disposable wipe option available. (thanks Mandy!)


10. Diaper Rash Cream

The easiest cloth friendly diaper rash cream is simply a good quality organic coconut oil.  It soothes the skin, is anti-fungal and washes clean. For more serious rashes use either Silver Biotics Gel or Healing Comfrey Salve by Herbally Grounded with a cloth liner or your preferred disposable diaper.


11. Mattress Protectors

We use wool mattress pads under all our sheets. They are a great alternative to the standard waterproof mattress pads that are full of polyester and other synthetics. The wool breathes extraordinarily well and keeps the body cool at night. If you are local to Kansas City, we shop at a natural mattress and furniture store that offers great alternatives to the synthetic mattresses and bedding on the market today. Stop by Eagles' Rest in Mission or Lawrence, Kansas and feel the difference!