Naturally Overcome Seasonal Allergies


It's that time of year again. The sun is out, the temperature is heating up, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and then it hits us... A runny nose, the itchy eyes, we can't sleep, it's hard to breathe, and the beautiful outdoors is something we dread instead of something we embrace. We don't think this is how God created our bodies. We started in a garden, so our bodies are made to be outside in nature. We want to help you enjoy spring again. In this article, we want to talk about what causes seasonal allergies and natural ways to overcome them so that this spring you won't be hiding inside but instead enjoying the creation God made for us.

Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

  • Sneezing

  • Itchy eyes and nose

  • Dark circles under the eyes

  • Itchy, painful nose, throat, and roof of the mouth

  • Postnasal drip that causes coughing

  • Head and nasal congestion

  • Ear pressure or fullness

  • Fatigue

  • Red, itchy, watery eyes

  • Runny or stuffy nose

  • Wheezing or coughing

What is the Real Cause of Seasonal Allergies

Allergies are simply “blocked filters.” This means your mucosal system (sinus, adenoids, tonsils, throat, lungs, etc.) is blocked up with mucus. If your filters are blocked, your body can’t eliminate allergens very quickly. The irritation is the allergy. Our medical system sadly doesn’t tell you why you have allergies; they give you drugs to treat the symptoms. You must unclog your filters so that they can do what they're designed to do, permanently remove allergies!

Misdiagnosis & Medical Interventions

The drugs given for allergies work against God’s design of the body. God designed the body to expel waste and cleanse irritants and one way we do that is through mucus. Man-made drugs often dry out mucus membranes, stop or dry up mucus and push the sickness deeper back into the body. Steroids are one of the worst drugs on the market for this. You don’t need to suppress your symptoms. You need to embrace them, and help your body unclog those blocked filters!

The Dangers of Drug Therapies & Why They Don't Work

If you use drugs, you only treat the symptoms, and you never get better. You become reliant on those drugs long-term (this is their goal, remember it’s a business!) If you don’t want to be a life-long customer to big-pharma, and you want to get healthier in the process, learn the real cause of allergies and do the cleansing it takes to clear the blockages.


5 Step Protocol for Seasonal Allergies

  1. Change your diet to eliminate foods that are known allergens for many people and those that create excess mucus in the body: all dairy, processed foods, heavy fatty foods and sugar. Make sure your diet is 80% fruits, vegetables, whole grains and greens. This will boost the immune system and fight infections.
    If you need help changing your diet, you can download our free Eating by Design Guide online. When you sign up you'll also get free access to helpful videos and resources to make the transition easier.

  2. Purify your air. Get an air purifier in your home that destroys odors and reduces harmful contaminants ordinary cleaning can leave behind.
    We use the Vollara Fresh Air Purifiers because it uses technology based on how nature keeps things safe and clean outdoors. The natural processes found in thunderstorms, sunlight, and lightning, are re-created indoors. Negatively charged ions remove pollutants from the air. The latest technology duplicates nature to reduce contaminants on surfaces safely.

  3. Cleanse the body. We highly recommend everyone do a full body cleanse at least once a year, especially if you are having health concerns like allergies. Remember, your filters are clogged so cleansing the body will help remove toxins and open up the filters so that they can remove allergens every day. Check out all of our Free Cleansing Guides & Programs.

    1. For seasonal allergies, you want to focus on the Kidney and Lymph Cleanses especially because it increases blood flow.

    2. For maintenance, you can drink our Kidney Cleanse Tea or Lymphatic System Cleanse Tea from Spirit of Health.

    3. You may also want to do enemas frequently during allergy season (add coffee, lemon, sea salt or baking soda) to assist the body in removing toxins.

  4. Essential Oils. Fill the air in your home with healing oils to keep you clear and alert. Try diffusing this essential blend in your home or mix it with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil and rub it on your chest.

  5. Supplements. Here are the best natural supplements for seasonal allergies. We know this list can be overwhelming, so we recommend that you pick 1-2 products to try at a time to see what work best for your system.

    1. Seasonal Allergy & Sinus Infection Relief

      1. Hello Blossom by Herbally Grounded

      2. Sinuorega by North American Herb and Spice

      3. Kick-It Allergy by Wishgarden (Adult, Kids, & Pregnancy Formulas)

    2. Natural Antihistamine

      1. D-Hist by Orthomolecular (also come in D-Hist Jr. for Kids)

      2. Loving Energy by BioRay (made for kids & works for adults)

      3. Aloe Vera

      4. Nettles Tea

    3. Detoxing Allergens

      1. Liquid Clay or Detox Powder by Living Clay This will detox the body and absorb allergens. 1 teaspoon (liquid clay) in warm water before bed. Can increase up to 2oz daily, empty stomach. Watch for constipation. Increase water and fiber, herbs if necessary to prevent constipation.

      2. Aloe Life Detox Formula or Aloe Gold Tablets. Aloe relieves inflammation and the detox herbs in the formula help remove toxins. Aloe vera is great for boosting the immune system and is a strong anti-microbial.

      3. Ultimate Superfoods MSM Powder. 1 Tablespoon daily in water. Knocks out allergies by working to heal the liver and opens detoxification pathways in the body.

      4. Neprinol Enzymes by Arthur Andrew Medical. These clean up allergens from the bloodstream, both airborne and food allergies (protein molecules such as gluten and dairy). It also clears blockages from the body, including blocked arteries.

      5. Full Body Cleanses

      6. Kidney Cleanse Tea

      7. Lymphatic System Cleanse Tea

      8. Enema Kits