Rethink Children's Health

I am father to two beautiful girls and would do anything, like most of you, to see our children, happy, healthy and thriving.  In our world today the pressure to conform to modern medicine for our children is getting tougher and tougher and making wise decisions in this area is critical for their future health and wellness.

For thousands of years, we relied on God's system of medicine.  We had doctors, but children were made well through rest, water, nutrition and herbs.  Unfortunately, in our modern medical system, God has been replaced with man-made chemicals.  Very few people realized what was happening, and suddenly here we are today in the middle of a crisis, and our children are caught in the middle.

Doctors have turned to petro-chemical drugs, often unnecessary surgeries (such as tonsils, adenoids, sinus surgeries, etc.), vaccines, antibiotics, and over-the-counter chemicals that are harming our children.  Doctors and nurses didn't make this choice.  It was forced upon them by a chemical-driven, profit-driven system.

Parents have gone from learning about the body, nutrition, herbs and natural ways to care for their children to relying on a broken man-made chemical based system with very little solutions or hope, especially for chronic illness.  It has become commonplace to "run to the doctor" for every little ailment, get a drug, and see if everything is "ok".  But it's not ok...  In fact, it is dangerous.

Our desire is that we would seek God for our healing and turn back to age old wisdom found in previous generations that understood sickness and disease. God's system is still here and available, if we would only choose it. Good nutrition, herbs, fresh water and sunshine are still around!

Here are a couple of key areas where we can start to learn and trust again, that our Creator has everything we need to prevent illness and recover from our various ailments…


Sickness & Infections

This is a natural part of life.  We catch a bacteria or virus, fight it off and build immunity.  Now suddenly we are scared of every little germ.  We thought antibiotics cured the world of disease in 1928.  Yet we cannot outsmart God's design.  We must work WITH God's design, not fight against it.  Because antibiotics destroy everything in the body, it makes us weaker, destroys healthy gut flora, increases risk for other infections and lowers our overall immune system.  Many report immediately getting candida, yeast, UTI's and other infections directly after antibiotic use.  This is incredibly dangerous for young children, who don't have a strong immune system.


Naturally Heal Infections:

  1. Let the body do what God designed it to do and don't panic.

  2. Fevers are God's way of heating up to kill infections. Do not interfere with a fever. Never give a child Tylenol or aspirin. These drugs should be illegal because they are just that, drugs! They are synthetic chemicals that alter your child’s ability to fight back against the infection. Tylenol use is linked to asthma and is very dangerous to the liver. Overdosing can be lethal. Aspirin kills thousands of people every year, but is still sold to millions every year. We cannot trust these drugs to restore life, especially in our little ones.


To Break a Fever:

  1. An enema breaks it immediately every time. Removing waste from the body is key to cleansing and healing.

  2. Drink ginger tea. Or take a towel and soak with ginger tea and dab over entire body.

  3. Rub ginger and/or peppermint essential oils into the feet of the child, especially the big toe.

  4. Stop eating and never force food. The body wants to FIGHT AND HEAL, not digest! This is one of the biggest mistakes parents make, trying to force food on a sick child.

  5. Keep them hydrated. Drink water, water, water. Add electrolyte minerals to water, like Endure or Electrolyte Stamina Packets by Trace Minerals Research.

  6. Take herbs. This is what God gave us for health and life! Our favorites include:


Ear Infections

Unfortunately ear infections have become all too common and even more unfortunate are the antibiotics and surgeries being done to prevent them.  We need a major education in this area because using these means to deal with an ear infection is not only unnecessary but often missing the root cause.

So what system does the ear belong to?  Let me briefly explain:  The ears are part of a system called the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

The lymph is your drainage system of the body.  It is our waste disposal system.  Any issues of the ears, nose, sinus cavity are related to lymph.  Think of the tonsils and adenoids, another part of the lymph, often mistakenly removed for no good reason besides medical ignorance.  Children are born with weak systems and often congested from birth.

From years of Iridology research we now know that certain eye colors are even predisposed to have weaknesses in certain organ systems.  When it comes to ear infections, they can especially become a problem when a child has blue eyes, as they are genetically pre-disposed to lymph congestion. (Learn more about Iridology appointments).  

Our medical industry doesn't share any of this information with us because they are not taught about the human body and do not know how to read the signs and symptoms of imbalance, congestion and weakness of the organs.  Rather, they are taught drug therapy and surgery.

On top of the genetic predispositions, if you feed a child heavy foods like grains, dairy, heavy fats, sugar, etc, you are only going to make it more difficult on the lymphatic system.  These foods clog their lymph and ultimately their ears.  That is why the rates of ear infections in formula fed babies always outnumber breast fed babies.  If your ears are clogged (fluid in the inner ear) they are more susceptible to infections.  In addition, because the lymph is clogged, your immune system can't get to the infection to clear it out.  My wife describes it like a blocked highway where the ambulance and fire trucks can't get to the scene of the accident.  The lymph is the most important part of the immune system!

Furthermore, if you get antibiotics, you kill an infection, you don't solve a problem.  If you get tubes in the ear through surgery, you open a blocked pathway, but you don't solve a problem.  If you ignore the symptoms and only treat the emergency, you risk future health problems if lifestyle changes are not made.  

So how do you know?  If your child is full of mucous, snotty (my parent's called me a snot-nosed kid, now I know why!), sick a lot, complains of headaches, sore tummy, has sinus congestion, any allergies at all, asthma, skin conditions, etc. then you very likely have a case of lymph blockage.  


Naturally Heal & Prevent Ear Infections:

  1. Avoid all dairy and ideally grains and sugars, especially if the child has blue eyes. What do you eat? Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds. There is life after wheat, sugar and dairy, I promise! (-:

  2. Ear-be-Well by Wish Garden herbs works wonderfully. Also rub the oil into their feet! (Hint, the ear is in the pinky toe).

  3. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. At two different times over the past couple years our daughter has grabbed her ear. We knew what that meant. We put 3-4 drops of 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in one ear, held for 30 seconds or so, then switched to the other ear. We did this morning and night. Within 2-3 days, no more ear tugs.

  4. Herbal aloe ear wash by Aloe Life

  5. Also take some herbs internally for infection, as the ones described above...


Tonsils & Adenoids

Keep them!  God gave them to us for a reason.  They are part of the lymphatic system, the system that removes waste from the body.  Are the tonsils and adenoids failing or malfunctioning?  No, they are working.  They are doing what God designed them to do.  Support them by doing the same steps as mentioned above for ear infections.

In summary, the goal is to work with God’s design and creation.  We need to understand and learn how God designed our bodies.  Sickness is often a normal part of life, allowing the immune system to respond and the body to grow stronger.  God has given us the plants and natural medicines to be well and stay strong.  If we choose God’s foods to stay healthy, God’s medicine when we do have sickness and the elements of God’s natural created order (water, sunshine, exercise and the great outdoors), then we can find ourselves in good health, living within God’s system instead of the man-made system we have created.