Why We Don’t Use Vaccines

We have three young children, and none of them have seen a hospital. As parents, we will fight with everything we have to keep it that way.  Hospitals are dangerous places for many reasons. Yes, we have emergency insurance, and yes, of course, broken legs need doctors, not herbalists. We have been very clear on our stance on vaccines, and it won’t change.  I did a free recording on our beliefs about vaccines and encourage you to listen to it on our website.

Vaccines are a war against children and humanity. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but I cannot be shy about it because too many lives are being lost.


God gave us an immune system, and this is how He did it:

  1. Vaginal birth, not c-section. You get all of the mom’s immune juices as the baby passes through the birth canal.

  2. Colostrum, the first milk. Liquid gold passes through the porous intestinal tract of every newborn blessed enough to receive God’s most powerful natural immune builder. Every single immunity that the mom has built up immediately transfers to the baby. If you missed it, you could take Colostrum by Immune Tree.

  3. Intestines. God protects our body from invaders with stomach acid, good bacteria, and a castle wall called your gut. We destroy this system with drugs, antibiotics, and processed foods. Our gut is meant to protect us.

  4. Liver, kidneys, lymph, and spleen. These organs filter waste from the body and clean blood. God designed this system to keep us healthy and protected. He gave us an immune system (gut and lymph) to kill invaders and keep the blood protected. “The life of all flesh is in the blood; the blood sustains its life.” – Leviticus 17

  5. Herbs & nutrition. Herbs naturally resist and fight infectious organisms. They have to fight to survive! This is why oregano, garlic, echinacea and other herbs are so amazing. God is amazing!


Here is the human-made version of solving infectious disease:

Take a chemical solution of poisons, mix it with dead bacteria or viruses (often live viruses, like when they gave 100,000 people polio in the 1950’s), use mercury until the entire world revolts after thousands are injured and killed, then “voluntarily” remove it and pretend vaccines are safe again. This circumvents everything related to God’s creation and design of the human body. To inject this chemical soup directly into the blood or muscle tissue and then market and promote this for babies, pregnant women, and the elderly who are the most vulnerable is an absolute crime.


Seven Things You Didn't Know About Vaccines

  1. In a healthy individual, the diseases we vaccinate for are not fatal. The only fatalities that occur related to these conditions are in severely immunocompromised individuals who would be susceptible to most infections and diseases.

  2. Not only are the diseases not fatal, but research is showing there is an actual benefit to encountering these diseases at an early age as it strengthens the immune system. Exposed individuals show a less chance of developing more serious illnesses later in life, such as cancer.

  3. Vaccination is not “immunity.” This is why there is a necessity for vaccine boosters. Only the natural environmental encounter with the disease produces real life long immunity in an individual.

  4. A vaccinated individual can become a silent carrier of that disease which can now spread to others. This is called shedding and is documented in scientific literature and in the CDC recommendations to avoid immunocompromised individuals after receiving a vaccine (Ironic that many believe unvaccinated children are somehow the problem).

  5. Vaccines are loaded with known poisons that are illegal to put into a bottle and feed to an infant, yet we are injecting those toxins directly under their skin and into their bodies. These poisons include:

    1. Viral & Bacterial RNA or DNA

    2. Aluminum

    3. Animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney

    4. Formaldehyde

    5. Human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)

    6. Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

    7. Phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)

    8. VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells

    9. Washed sheep red blood cells

    10. Thimerosal (mercury)

    11. Thimerosal is the most toxic substance known to humanity outside of radioactive material, and it is injected into humans through vaccines. Thimerosal is mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells. This means thimerosal MUTATES THE GENES OF CELLS. This is catastrophic for a pregnant woman trying to create life by the reproduction of new cells. It happens every time a woman is injected with the flu vaccine. (Yes, the flu vaccine still contains thimerosal.)

  6. The effectiveness of vaccines has yet to be proven; however, the risks and dangers of vaccines have been linked and hidden by both the vaccine industry and the CDC. More and more “whistle-blowers” are coming forward revealing this sad truth.

  7. Vaccine injury is real and has ruined the lives of many children and their families. The government is completely aware of vaccine injury and has set up a reporting system called VAERS (The Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System). The government has paid over $3.6 BILLION to families whose children were killed and injured by vaccines. All vaccine manufacturers are completely exempt from any responsibility or accountability for vaccine injury. After this happened, during the Regan administration, the number of vaccines given to children more than tripled. If there is no risk to be sued for those you kill and injure, why not vaccinate more?


The fight against vaccines has grown incredibly active, and so the vaccine industry has responded with unrivaled tenacity. The vaccine campaign is now forced on many doctors and nurses who have to choose between supporting this industry or losing their job. They are pushing it on schoolchildren, and California has now made vaccines mandatory. Get ready for the battle ahead. Those who understand the dangers of vaccines are trying to save the lives of our children, while the vaccine producers seek to save the trillions of dollars of profit they make.

If I only had time to share with you the heartbreaking stories I have heard from parents who chose to vaccinate, often through fear and pressure of society or doctors. They now live with the consequences of that decision. The heartache is immeasurable.  Some parents vaccinated their first one or two children, became suspicious and stopped vaccinating their later children. The difference they see in their children is astonishing, and clear proof that injecting chemicals into our children shouldn’t fit into anything called medicine.

We have all been deceived by the medical system. For decades many have raised a fuss about vaccines, but who listened? Only after so much damage was done, have we been forced to reconsider our choices.

Our heart is that we would once again turn our hearts to God, and trust His design of the human body, His design of our children, His natural methods of childbirth, His foods, His medicines, and His will for our lives.

If we can partner with God when our children are young, our chances are so much better than what we see happening all around us. God is always patient, loving, forgiving, and ready to embrace us once again. His systems are always better!


We encourage you to get informed.

Here are some of our recommended books on vaccines. Do your research and get a doctor that will listen and respect your decision.

  1. Make an Informed Vaccine Decision - Dr. Mayer Eisenstein

  2. Vaccines Are They Really Safe and Effective - Neil Z. Miller

  3. The Truth About Vaccines - Documentary

  4. Vaxxed - Documentary

  5. Bought - Documentary

  6. Vaccine Nation - Documentary

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