The Heart Behind Spirit of Health

"God heals all disease and the doctor takes the fee." - Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to the Spirit of Health blog! We have decided to take the plunge and enter the blog world. A little late you might say? We feel God's timing is always perfect and there is a reason you have found us in this specific moment and time. I am honored to have the opportunity to share the heart, soul and as our name implies, the spirit behind Spirit of Health.

So just what spirit do we believe in? It's straight-forward for us because there is only one. It is the God of the Bible, the Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the God of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last and the great "I AM."

He is our Creator and therefore, He is our healer. Benjamin Franklin once very wisely said, "God heals all disease and the doctor takes the fee." This is true. We give so much credit to man and their exploits when it is the mighty hand and power of God that fashioned us in the first place. We are nothing and can do nothing outside of Him.

This blog has been created to help us (yes, I am always learning and on this journey with you) understand health, wellness, sickness and disease from God's point of view. It is health from a Biblical perspective, which is often very different from most medical knowledge and wisdom available today. As I grew in relationship with God, I eventually had to throw down all the books, videos, so-called experts, studies and teachings and go straight to the source, GOD.

As I asked the Holy Spirit for wisdom and used the Bible as my main source for inspiration, it has opened an entirely new world. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there isn't a lot of good and valuable information out there in books, videos and other people. There certainly is. God wants to be discovered through talking to Him, the Bible, personal experiences, studying plants, animals, the environment and the human body. I just figured that going straight to the source made the most sense to me!

I asked a lot of tough questions that many of you may have such as; Where is God with all the sickness and disease consuming our culture? Why are innocent children innocently suffering from so much sickness? Why doesn't God take care of all the health problems plaguing our world?

If we are praying for a loved one with cancer or diabetes why aren't they being healed when the Bible says to do this? God has answers for all of these questions. He really, really, does love us more than we could ever imagine. His heart is aching, breaking over what has happened to His people and over what has happened to ALL of humanity.

The truth is, we have gone astray. We have forgotten God. In a society with a church on every corner, God has been mostly shut out of our society. And sadly, he has been shut out of our system of medicine as well, and we are paying a high price. Just look around us? Is our current medical system working? Let's invite God back in and see what could happen.

That is my deepest heart's desire; that we would return to God and find Him in the midst of our brokenness, that we would understand and believe God has a plan for our health, that we would know He desperately desires to heal us of our afflictions. So let's go on a journey, TOGETHER! And let's include God. He is pretty awesome and He wants to show you how awesome He is!

Our heart behind our blog and what you can expect from us in future blog posts:

1. Encouragement to partner with God and choose the things of God instead of the things of man. We want to empower you with practical knowledge; education and wisdom (think Hosea 4:6). God is the author of life!

2. A voice of reason and discernment to help you see through the mountain of information available to you. There is so much being said…What is true, what isn't? The world is full of good and evil, but how can we tell the difference?

3. The promotion of health and healing from a design perspective based on the belief and faith that God is a healer. Not only the miracle healer, but the healer who gave us sunshine, clean water, fresh air, yummy foods and an amazing body. God heals in many ways, but are we embracing Him or fighting against the things He has made?