Why is the World so Sick? And Where is GOD?


I feel like one of the most difficult challenges of the Christian walk is understanding why so many of our friends, family and loved ones are stricken with sickness and disease. Where are the miracles? Sometimes we expect the miracle. Because we love God we're confused why God doesn't just fix everything for us. We might even question God, get angry with Him and struggle with our faith as a loved one battles sickness. Maybe we have been praying for months or even years to overcome a health challenge. What if God provided the solution in a different way?

So here is the truth. God is here. He is EVERYWHERE. He is all around us, all of the time. The question is, are we looking for Him? Are we choosing the things of God? Our world has been saturated with man-made choices, sometimes so thick we can't find God through the fog, the lies, the deception, the marketing, the weight loss programs, the processed foods, the pharmaceutical drugs... Need we go on?

I love the simplicity of God. Did you ever watch Little House on the Prairie? God was everywhere! The simple beauty of nature, sunshine, water, fresh air, foods that actually come out of the ground, fishing at the nearby pond, picking fresh fruit from a tree, using herbs as medicine and food for healing. The good life. What happened?

We chose to make a different world. We chose convenience, indulgence, self-pleasure, fast food, chemicals over real foods, man-made chemical pharmaceutical drugs over plants, plastic everything, polyester clothing, and the list goes on endlessly. We chose the things of man over the things of God. We chose the work of man's hands, not the work of God's hands. We chose to put our trust in man, not God. We chose to rely on man-made medicine, not God's medicine.

And with that choice we have knowingly or unknowingly chosen a life of sickness and disease over health and vitality. I'm sorry to say it this way, but it is the truth. Yes, my own family has been afflicted with illness just as yours. It is terrible and it was NOT God's intention. It was the inevitable result of our choices. So what is the solution?

We must be intentional and choose God. We must look through the fog, remove the blinders and realize that God has been pushed out of almost everything related to health. God is waiting, waiting, waiting for the return of His people back to Him. He will never leave us or forsake us. Choose God.



This week, everything you choose to eat, ask yourself; "Is this in the form God designed this food?" We know God designed oats, but he didn't make Cheerios. How much a food is processed, from the original form in which it was harvested, will determine the nutritional value of that food and whether or not it is life giving or life zapping. Choose whole foods in their original form and see what might happen.