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Understanding The Endocrine System – Adrenals

Having healthy adrenals may be the most important hormonal factor for overall health. If you struggle with fatigue, stress, anxiety, blood sugars, low blood pressure or poor concentration, adrenal fatigue is likely a component.

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Healing by Design - Blood Pressure (High and low)

Millions of people are on toxic pharmaceutical drugs for high blood pressure. Reversing this WITHOUT medications is easy, God's way! Blood pressure is mostly an issue with minerals/dehydration and/or problems with the kidney/adrenal area. This is addressed in the video, and does including lifestyle changes.

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Herbal Remedies Class 7 - The Endocrine System

Don't miss this class! The endocrine system is crucial to understand the balance of how the body works chemically. Moods, emotions, happiness, sadness, adrenaline, metabolism, insulin production in the pancreas, stress, anxiety, sexual function, fertility and so many other life function are dependent upon the endocrine system!

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