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Energy & Crystal Healing Therapies From a Christian Perspective

At Spirit of Health, we are excited to announce that we are adding new healing therapies, and will continue to do so, as the Lord leads us. As we expand, I feel it is important to briefly address the general concept of energy, energy medicine, frequencies, and crystals, especially among our fellow Christian community.

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14 Superfoods You Can't Live Without

Superfoods are raw, untreated, uncooked and are nutrient-dense, something missing in many of our foods today.  Consuming superfoods decreases cravings for sugar, carbs, processed foods, junk foods and other sweets by providing nutrients the body has been missing.

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The Dangers of Wheat & Grains

Many people today have very compromised bodies and various health problems. In this case, you very well may not be able to eat all of God’s foods in their original form, at least for a designated season of your life.

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