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Understanding the Safety of Herbs & Common Misconceptions

The original medicine of man is now very misunderstood and underappreciated. If people were accurately informed about the healing properties of herbs, more people and families would use them. Are herbs safe? At what dosages should herbs be taken? How about for pregnancy, children, or the elderly? Have herbs been researched or studied?

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Pilates for the Pelvic Floor

Experience a Pilates mat class that focuses on bringing the body into alignment with exercises to improve both the strength and flexibility of the pelvic diaphragm as well as appropriate breathing techniques to facilitate a healthy pelvic floor.

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Healing by Design: Irregular Heart Rhythms

In this class, you'll learn the causes of irregular heart rhythms including PVCs, A-Fib, Tachycardia, Bundle Branch Block, and more. Then we'll explain how the body can heal from them naturally. We'll teach you about practical lifestyle and diet changes along with powerful tests and supplements you can take to heal.

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